Crown Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer a variety of services for both the residential properties and commercial businesses.  With all work being quoted on an individual basis, you can count on Crown to provide the best service and customer care in Queenstown. 

Hot Water Extraction
(Steam Cleaning)

Hot Water Extraction, more commonly known as steam cleaning, is the most common method utilised by professional carpet cleaning companies.

We utilise cleaning solutions that are applied and agitated into the carpet fibre. This then breaks down and suspends soils, food and microbes, ready for extraction using high powered commercial carpet cleaning equipment.

Crown Carpet Cleaning and carpet manufacturers alike recommend professional carpet cleaning every 12 months to remove dirt and allergens.

Low Moisture Cleaning

Encapsulation Cleaning (low moisture) utilises the latest technology in green surfactants and encapsulating polymers to suspend and release soils from the carpet fibre during the cleaning process.

Crown Carpet Cleaning has the expertise, latest equipment and cleaning solutions to implement the many advantages of Encapsulation Cleaning.

Advantages include:

  • Green certified cleaning solution

  • Less water

  • Fast dry times, less than one hour so facilities can be put back to service much faster

  • The Low Moisture Cleaning process promotes a reduction in re-soiling propensity

  • Spots are far less likely to occur

  • Works in well with commercial maintenance programs

Stain Treatments

Dirt and spills are inevitable in the family home, most spots and spills will come out of carpets and upholstery with our basic carpet cleaning package, however, sometimes spots and spills will need specialist treatments.

Our technicians are trained to

identify the carpet fibre, choose the correct chemical and treatment method to successfully remove the stain.


Upholstery Cleaning

Whether it be home furniture or office furniture, the upholstery is exposed to the wear and tear of everyday life. Dirt, oil, germs and stains build up over time leading to unhealthy and unsightly furniture.

Crowns upholstery cleaning system, will not only remove the above mentioned build ups, but will further prolong the life of your upholstered furniture. Removal of deeply ingrained dirt protects the fibre from damage.

Cleaning of your furniture should not be over looked in maintaining a healthy home.

Tile Cleaning

Tiles are hard wearing and look really stylish in the home. However, over time with daily wear and tear and home cleaning methods, tiles slowly lose their lustre.


Over time a build up of dirt, grime, bacteria and cleaning residue forms which then requires professional cleaning.

Crowns tile cleaning service uses

a high pressure system, cleaning solutions, agitation and powerful vacuum to restore your tiles natural lustre.

Deep Cleaning & Sanitisation 
  • Deep restorative cleaning

  • Hospital grade disinfectant

  • Germ-Shield sanitation fogging service

  • 90 Day germ shield protection


As an essential services provider of cleaning and sanitation services, Crown is experienced with test positive Covid-19 restorative cleaning. 

Our team is ready to come in and provide deep cleaning and sanitation, targeting those high touch surfaces for your Covid-19 needs. Following the advised protocols and best practices for bio hazard response, we're working hard to keep facilities, clients and the community safe and healthy.